Residential Water Filtration & Purification

Premium Water Filtration & Purification Services for your Home, Apartment or Condo. WA-2! has the Water Filtration Solution to address your Residential Water Concerns.
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Office Water Filtration & Purification

Premium Water Filtration & Purification Services for Commercial and Office Spaces. Whether you have a small, medium or large business – we are here to help.
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Trades & Design Professionals

Whether you are an Architect, Engineer, Plumber or Design Professional we are with you every step of the way. Need a Water Filtration or Purification System Spec for a project? We’re here to help!
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Premium Office Coffee

No more inconvenient trips to the coffee shop. Our Premium Office Coffee Service is designed to unlock the power of your kitchen and drive productivity, fun, and excitement in your office.
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WA-2! Difference

WA-2! Proudly Serving Over 1 Million People Daily!

Our Premium Partners.

WA-2! has partnered with several local companies to bring you the world’s best Premium Water Filtration, Purification & Coffee Products right to your Home or Office.

WA-2! is Western Canada’s leading Premium Office Coffee and Water Filtration Company. We proudly serve over 1 Million People Daily delivering quality products to their Homes & Offices in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Calgary and Edmonton.

It’s All About Service.

At WA-2! we always strive to provide premium service to our clients, no matter how big or small. You will always speak to a live person and get the answers you need – when you need them.

If you require immediate service WA-2! has a dedicated Client Services Team that will help you find the right solution for your needs. If you want to book an appointment for a specific date and time, we’ll book it. If you need to speak to a technician, you’ve got it!

We provide 24/7 Technical Support so you can speak to a technician whenever you need, day or night and with offices in Vancouver BC, and Calgary Alberta, WA-2′s Premium Office Coffee, Water Filtration, Back Flow Prevention and Water Purification solutions are trusted by many of Canada’s leading organizations across all industries including Health Care, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Government, Restaurants, Cafe’s and Small Business.

We Bring Happiness To Your Kitchen

Clients & Testimonials

Proudly Serving Over 1 Million People Daily!

  • Any time we have needed help with something, whether it be replacing a broken coffee pot or helping us figure out why our cooler mysteriously stopped working, WA-2! has really gone above and beyond.  You guys do such an amazing job! I also think it’s great that WA-2! is so dedicated to helping protect the environment and I would really like to learn more about your composting program and if you offer it to customers. TrezCapital
    Morganne Mohr
    Trez Capital
  • Not only am I passionate about making greener choices easy for people but I am confident in recommending WA-2!  I don’t know about you but I find it very difficult to get consistently high quality products/services nowadays.  Because of this, I am usually hesitant to make recommendations.  WA-2! is one of the few companies where I don’t hesitate to make a recommendation. Telus
    Jeanette Chambers
  • We have been dealing with WA-2! for our Water Service for many years and because of the consistently great and friendly service we decided to extend our relationship to include our Office Coffee / Beverage requirements. We could not be happier with that decision. Our Coffee Program was not the most environmentally friendly system in the past and now we have freshly brewed Premium Coffee at a competitive price point and maintaining the outstanding and consistent service we were accustom to with our water service. We are looking at extending our relationship to support all of our Western Canada locations. 26.Expedia
    Matthew Eichhorst
    President, Expedia CruiseShipCenters
  • We absolutely love our relationship with WA-2!. has been using WA-2!’s Premium Water Filtration since 2005 and recently changed our Office Coffee Service to WA-2! in 2010. We have never been happier. Not only has productivity increased, staff no longer need to leave the office to find great tasting specialty Coffee and Tea. To top it off, WA-2! actually monitors the success of our Coffee program and is more than happy to accommodate our staff’s changing taste buds with new roasts and seasonal picks. It feels good to know that WA-2!’s knowledgeable and professional staff are always available and willing to help if we ever need anything. I would not hesitate to recommend WA-2! to anyone that is looking for a new way to increase productivity, fun and excitement in their office. BuildDirect
    Jeff Booth
    President & CEO,
  • At YYoga we are proud to be a part of WA-2!'s Premium Water Filtration & Coffee Programs. Because water is so important while doing Yoga we wanted to make sure that our guests and staff had access to the best water available. We worked with WA-2! during design and construction to build in a Water Filtration System for each of our beautiful Water Fountains that sit front and center in our facilities. To top it off we are also proud to provide WA-2!'s Premium Office Coffee to our amazing staff. Now YYoga not only does yoga, we also drink great coffee. YYoga
    Matt Fraser
    President, YYoga
  • It has been great to move to WA-2! as our water provider. The benefits of moving to a Water Purification System were noticed immediately. Beyond the obvious benefit to the environment I no longer have to worry about employees hurting themselves while having to change heavy bottles of water, there is a significant saving in space as I am no longer storing bottles of water. Employees quite like the fact that they are able to access hot water on demand to make tea and other hot beverages. Finally when I have had to call in to WA-2! for service they have been very pleasant to deal with and quick to respond. RBC
    Tim Carmack
    Branch Manager, RBC Royal Bank
  • Years ago I started researching information about water companies to provide pure, clean, great tasting water to our staff, without the cost, hassle and negative impact on our environment that comes with bottled water. I explored a variety of different companies and chose WA-2! for a number of important reasons. WA-2! has an A+ Better Business rating, minimizes its impact on the environment, uses NSF filters which adhere to the highest standards in the industry, uses hybrid vehicles, offers paperless administration, and is a proud supporter of numerous local community and charity events in British Columbia and Alberta. I have been so pleased with the service and quality of products from WA-2! that I have not only advocated for their installation at several work places, but have recently installed a WA-2! Water Filtration System in my own home. It pleases me to learn that WA-2! has grown into Western Canada’s largest premium provider of Residential and Office Water Filtration Services. Sooke
    Chris Smyth
    Vice Principal, Dunsmuir Middle School
  • We are proud to partner with WA-2! for our Filtered Water and Office Coffee. We run a very busy 24/7 call center at our corporate office and we have two WA-2! Water Filtration stations located throughout the building. Bottled water would take up valuable space and given the volume of water that is consumed, it just would not make sense to constantly switching out containers. Our tea drinkers (and those partial to hot chocolate) are happy that they can get instant hot water on demand and we all love knowing that we are drinking clean and great tasting water. We were so impressed with the level of service and customer care provided by WA-2! that they now provide our Coffee - which tastes fantastic!  If you're looking for a complete Office Beverage Solution, look no further than WA-2! 1800GotJunk
    Simon Lowe
    Managing Director, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
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