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How to stay hydrated this summer

How to stay hydrated this summer

When the summer months hit, it’s easy to get busy with outdoor activities like camping, going to the beach, or joining a sports league. And while you’re out there enjoying the sun, it’s just as easy to forget to drink enough water. Weakness and sickness from dehydration can catch up to you quickly, which not only throws a stick in your spoke, but can also be dangerous.

Keep the following points in mind as the weather gets hotter:

  • Bring two full reusable water bottles with you if you’ll be away from home for a while. There isn’t always a clean water source for refills (especially if you’re camping), so it’s a good idea to pack extra.
  • Freeze one of those water bottles so you have a nice cold treat when you finish the first one.
  • Drink water before you’re thirsty, especially if the sun is out. People often don’t realize they’re dehydrated until it’s too late.
  • Watch out for dark urine--it means you’re likely not drinking enough water!
  • If you don’t like drinking water (which suggests you probably need more of it), make coconut water ice cubes to add a subtly sweet taste to each glass.
  • Have you thought about why you don’t like drinking water? It could be that the water in your house tastes ‘off’--which could be due to a number of things, like chlorine or contaminants, the latter of which could include minerals leaching from your pipes. Think about installing a home water filtration system (we’re fans of the WA-2! H Series, of course) so you can enjoy drinking water more.

When’s the last time not-enough-water got in the way of having fun in the sun?

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