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How to make coffee without a coffee filter

How to make coffee without a coffee filter

Many of us can’t imagine starting our day without coffee. Our morning brew not only gets us energized, it also makes our outlook on life brighter, and even boosts our confidence to conquer whatever comes our way.

A great day can quickly take a turn for the worse when you wake up to discover you’ve run out of filters!

If you’ve ever experienced this coffee nightmare, fear not. There are many ways you can make coffee without a filter. One disclaimer, however: coffee quality can be affected by filter quality, so only try these if you’re desperate!

We’ve done the research and found the best coffee filter hacks so you never have to be deprived from your morning coffee. Here are some of our favourite substitutes:


The most reliable (and popular) substitute for coffee filters is the paper towel, perhaps because it’s also the most readily available in every household or office. Begin by cutting a sheet of paper towel (approximate the size of your basket) and fold it in half. Fold it again to make a cone and place in the basket. Add coffee and brew as normal.


Another popular hack is to use a clean handkerchief or or to cut a square of cloth out of a  tea towel to make a filter. Fit the cut cloth inside your basket. Use scissors to cut away any excess, add coffee and brew!


If paper or cloth is not working for you, you can turn to alternatives like (clean) socks, tights or stockings. We recommend steering away from using synthetic fabrics such as nylon as they could melt at high temperatures. Using scissors, cut the sock or stocking at the ankle and place over the basket. Pour in coffee and presto!


Cheese cloth works almost as well as a paper filter. Unfortunately, it isn’t as readily available in most households or offices. If you have cheese cloth handy, cut or fold to fit inside the basket, add coffee, breathe and carry on!


Last but not least, you can prepare coffee without a filter (or a machine) by pouring directly in hot water. Once you’ve let it steep (like tea), pour the coffee into a cup though a fine metal mesh sieve to separate the grounds. This will guarantee an extra strong brew with minimal grit.

Although these hacks can serve as great substitutes in a time crunch, if you have to resort to them often, we recommend investing in a metal filter. Metal filters are considerably more expensive than purchasing paper filters, but in the long run - especially if you brew daily - you’ll end up recovering your costs, reducing your carbon footprint and, best of all, gaining long-term peace of mind.

Read more about filter alternatives here:

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