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4 ways to get better coffee in Calgary

4 ways to get better coffee in Calgary

Coffee should always be delicious. But--believe it or not--you can make it taste even better. Bean-lovers, rejoice!

Whether you’re brewing your own or making friends with your office coffee distributor (hint, hint), coffee drinkers can be really serious about what’s in their mug. Put a smile on your mug with these four ways to get the best tasting coffee possible:


1. Try Fratello coffee if you have hard water

If you’re from Calgary (or have lived there long enough to have seen the seasons change), you’ll know the city has hard water with a high mineral content. Hard water can cause buildup on coffee machines and slightly alter the taste of your brew with its high mineral content.

If you don’t have a water softener or filter, try Fratello coffee at home or in the office. Unlike dark coffees, light coffee like Fratello picks up the minerals in hard water and creates an interesting flavour profile.



2. Make coffee more exciting by adding flavoured syrups

Want more variety in your coffee? Don’t love the blends they chose at work? You can completely change the taste of your brew by adding syrups.

Maybe you never craved an almond dark roast, a peppermint mocha or a vanilla iced coffee …but you might now!


3. Avoid the grab-and-go: Keep portion packs at work

If you’ve ever had to debate between grabbing a coffee on your way to work, or missing the C-Train and being late, this one’s for you. When you’re running late or don’t want to make an extra stop on your way to the office, portion packs can save the day.

Keep a stash of one-cup coffee packs in your desk drawer. You won’t have to battle coworkers over your favourite blend or wait for your office coffee supplier to restock the kitchen, and you’ll know it’s available when you need it.


4. Cozy up to a thermal mug

You should only have to drink iced coffee when it’s intentional! Travel-worthy thermal mugs makes all the difference during cold Alberta winters. Keep your coffee steaming and ready-to-drink with a well-insulated, spill-proof receptacle.


Give these four tips a try. If you know of other ways to get great coffee in Calgary, leave a comment below!

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