5 refreshing dairy-free drink recipes - WA-2!

5 refreshing dairy-free drink recipes

5 refreshing dairy-free drink recipes

As a company who deals a lot with coffee, you might think WA-2! is all about the dairy. But we love having alternatives sometimes, and you don’t need to be lactose-intolerant or vegan to enjoy dairy-free options.

Sometimes, our team likes to experiment with our products and try new combinations. We wanted to put together some fresh and tasty summer drinks while the weather’s still inviting us outside!

Here are 5 dairy-free drinks we’ve brewed and blended, and yes, we do recommend you try them at home:



  • Nutty iced coffee

  • First, brew your favourite type of coffee (we recommend Buddhakind’s ‘The Full Brazilian’, JJ Bean’s ‘Carmo Estate’ or Impresso’s ‘Big Vienna’). Let it cool before combining with crushed ice and flavoured syrup in a blender. For syrups, we recommend almond, caramel, hazelnut, or white chocolate for a really cool treat.

    Coconut cold brew

    To get this delicious cold coconut coffee combination, mix cold brew with dairy-free coconut creamers (vanilla or original). As you might expect, you’ll get a sweeter, creamier taste by adding more creamers. Serve over ice for a coffee lover’s dream.

    Iced tea lemonade

    Make iced tea by steeping your favourite tea (we recommend Stash Tea’s lemon ginger) then stirring in ice cubes and lemonade. We like ½ iced tea, ½ lemonade, but feel free to change up the ratio!

  • Sparkling fruity iced tea

  • Follow the last recipe to make your iced tea, but instead of adding lemonade, try sparkling water for the fizz sought by carbonation-lovers. You’ll get a punch of flavour with sparkling lemon, sparkling lime, or berry, and you can even throw some real strawberries into the mix.

  • Creamy iced coffee/tea

  • We love taking simple iced coffee or iced black tea (try Tazo’s Earl Grey or WA-2!’s English Breakfast) and adding International Delight. Try one of several varieties of this dairy-free creamer, like Bailey’s Irish Cream (non-alcoholic), French vanilla, or Hazelnut.


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