7 awesome uses for coffee - WA-2!

7 awesome uses for coffee

7 awesome uses for coffee

Whether you have too much coffee (is that even possible) or your coffee has been allowed to get stale or old, there are so many alternate uses for it. It was tough to pick just ten!

  1. Make candles

If you really, really love the smell of coffee, you can mix coffee grounds into candle wax to make the most delicious candles ever. Instructions here.

  1. Paint

You can paint with coffee, but you’ll have to limit it to artistic endeavours on paper. Brew a cup, set some aside in a dish, and make some magic happen with that paintbrush.

  1. Clean your hair

We haven’t tried this ourselves, but apparently coffee grounds can help strip build-up on your hair. We’d recommend washing carefully, and not doing this with blonde hair.

  1. Deodorize your fridge

Put ground coffee into a sachet made from nylon stockings, tie it off, and stick it in the fridge. It can help to absorb bad odours and also make your fridge smell like coffee. Mmm.

  1. Keep insects at bay

Many insects hate the smell of coffee, so sprinkle it around the garden for some DIY bug-be-gone. No more salt!

  1. Repair furniture

You can make a brown repair paste to fill cracks or gauges in furniture with just a bit of ground coffee. Get the ‘recipe’ here.

  1. Cleanse the palate

If you’ve ever been to a perfume counter, you’ve probably seen a dish of coffee beans. When you’re trying perfumes or colognes, it can be tough to tell the difference from one to the next. So a whiff of the coffee beans - another strong smell - mixes up your olfactory system and makes it easier to enjoy the next scent.

If you’re wondering where we found these insane uses for coffee, here’s a quick shout out to our sources:


Have you tried anything crazy with coffee (aside from having it before bed)? Tell us below!

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