3 reasons to drink filtered water in a clean city - WA-2!

3 reasons to drink filtered water in a clean city

3 reasons to drink filtered water in a clean city

Do people look at you like you’re crazy? Or are you the one wondering why filtered water isn’t such a crazy idea?

If you live in Vancouver, Victoria, or Calgary, you might think drinking filtered water is pointless. Or you’ve been told by someone else that it’s pointless, and you’ve stuck to your guns.

We live in a beautiful, clean city, after all!

You aren’t crazy. We don’t think you’re crazy. And we may be biased, but we thought you should know why drinking filtered water is still a good idea in our part of the world:

1. The water may be clean, but the pipes may be rusty.

Your tap water runs through a huge network of pipes for long distances before it gets to your house. Unless you trust the pipes in your building - and everyone else’s - you could end up with some really undesirable bits.

2. Many people notice a taste difference.

Municipal water is generally purified with chlorine, which can come across as a strong, unpleasant smell to people who may be sensitive to taste.

3. Municipal water treatment can still ‘miss’ contaminants.

When water treatment is done ‘in bulk’ for thousands of people who live in our region, it’s possible that bacteria like cryptosporidium can get past municipal treatment methods and end up coming up through your tap. If you have a home filtration system, it’s detailed enough to catch contaminants early, especially any that were missed by the public system.

You might have also noticed your water turns murky or brown when there’s a lot of runoff, meltwater, or flooding at different times of year. Home water filtration is a great way to avoid this!

  • BONUS: Water filtration systems aren’t as wasteful as you think.

  • In fact, they aren’t wasteful at all, as long as you’ve opted to go bottle-free. You can buy or rent bottleless coolers or have a point-of-use system installed under your counter to filter water right at the tap. No plastic bottle waste, no driving around to pick up replacements...it warms our green Canadian hearts!

    Water makes up 60% of your body weight. You need it to survive (so don’t wait until you’re thirsty). You might as well go with the best!

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