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How buying a home water filter is like buying insurance

How buying a home water filter is like buying insurance

If you own a car, you have car insurance. If you own or rent a home, you hopefully have home insurance. And many people purchase life insurance as well.

Why do we buy insurance? Because we’re protecting ourselves from potential negative events. We don’t pay premiums because we’re expecting to crash our car, injure ourselves or be subjected to a fire or theft. We do it for peace of mind.

You insure other important areas of your life, so why not safeguard your water? We may sell water filters, but in the context of insurance, here’s why a filtration system is a good idea, even if you have great water at home:


Because accidents happen.

Someone might hit your car while you’re parked. A tree might fall on your house during a windstorm. If you have insurance, you’re able to deal with the financial repercussions of an accident.

With a water filtration system, your drinking water is protected from any issues that might affect it in the future. You never know if there’ll one day be a problem with the reservoir (like high turbidity), or if your pipes will develop rust.

Because you want less stress in your life.

Worrying about ‘what ifs’ isn’t worth your time. Right now you might have perfect health, a brand new car or excellent drinking water, so future problems may not be on your radar. But you might end up worrying more if you haven't planned ahead - and could get stuck with a bigger problem should an issue arise.

Don’t think twice every time you go to the tap, or worry about needing to boil water every time there’s an advisory. Think about futureproofing now.

Because you should protect your investment.

Houses and vehicles are major investments. For people who don’t have much disposable income, an accident can mean not being able to afford to replace that investment. That’s where insurance comes in.

We’re lucky that where we live, clean water is free and accessible. So why not protect it as though it were worth more than gold?

Because it’s the responsible thing to do.

Thinking ahead is a good choice. Whether you love your home, love your car, or love your water, you want to maintain your current standard of living.

We may not sell insurance, but we do believe in safeguarding your drinking water, both now and in the future. Have us install the WA-2! home filtration system to make sure your water will always be as perfect as it is now.

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