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How drinking water helps keep you fit

How drinking water helps keep you fit

You might be wondering what a water and coffee company knows about fitness. While many of us are active and are careful to eat healthy foods, we also do our best to stay hydrated.

We still think going to the gym is great, and drinking water isn’t a substitute for exercise and an active lifestyle. But when you aren’t feeling motivated, the least you can do is drink more water!

How to get fit without the gym:

  1. Curb your appetite by staying hydrated. If you’ve noticed you’re eating a lot throughout the day - or still feel hungry after a meal - try drinking a glass of water. You might be thirsty, not hungry. Sometimes we think it’s food we need, when in reality we’re just dehydrated.

  2. Drink water when you’re bored. Instead of snacking during your next Netflix marathon, keep a big glass of water handy. Add some strawberries or lemon pieces for flavour if it’ll help you to drink more.

  3. Carry a water bottle everywhere. Even if you aren’t going to the gym or playing sports, carrying a reusable water bottle will remind you to keep drinking throughout the day. Make drinking water convenient and accessible.

  4. Make a New Year’s Resolution. Following a typically ‘heavy’ season for excess food and alcoholic beverages, January and February are good months to start anew. Be kind to your kidneys! Decide to drink an achievable amount of water per day (start with four full glasses and work your way up) and hold yourself to that goal. Flushing out waste is a start. And try to keep it out in the first place!

    Drinking lots of water has its benefits:

    1. Feel and look healthier. Drinking water can keep headaches and drowsiness at bay, and can even put you in a better mood. It keeps your skin hydrated and, according to some sources, can make you appear younger (but take that information lightly!).

    2. Keep up your energy. Water transports oxygen and glucose through your body, so whether you’re doing heavy exercise, going for a light jog or even doing housework, keep drinking water to maintain energy, strength, and flexibility. Kick start that post-holiday metabolism!

    If you’re still struggling to drink enough water, try:

    • Carrying a water bottle with you everywhere
    • Keeping a ‘water journal’ (even on your phone) to track your goals and intake
    • Making your water taste better (with an in-home water filtration system or by adding fruit)
    How many glasses of water do you drink a day? And what’s the biggest change you’ve noticed since drinking more (or less) water?

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