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The more we like something, the more we keep it around. That’s a no-brainer. So when we realized how amazing DAVIDsTEA is, we made their products available to our customers immediately.

If you aren’t familiar with DAVIDsTEA, they’re another Canadian company (bonus points!) with over 200 stores around North America. As their name suggests, they specialize in tea. But it's not just any tea. Think 150 types of specialty teas: traditional straight teas, exotic infusions, exclusive blends, organic teas and more.

Because of this, walking into a DAVIDsTEA location is incredible but a little overwhelming. With so many options lining the walls from floor to ceiling, how can you choose just one or two? Their quality selection is unmatched.


While we don't currently have all 150 DAVIDsTEA teas, we’re proud to carry some of your favourites:


Cream of Earl - A creamy twist on the classic Earl Grey, with a hint of rich vanilla bean.
Cinnamon Rooibos Chai - According to aromatherapy principles, cinnamon enhances your ability to concentrate. Enjoy this cinnamon-packed rooibos tea hot, iced or as a spicy tea latte.
Chai and Mighty - Breathe in a rich blend of warm spices with a sweet hint of licorice root and vanilla.
Coffee Pu’erh - You’ll love this blend of metabolism-boosting pu'erh and real coffee beans.
Organic Super Ginger - This super-spicy rooibos is packed with ginger, peppercorns and cloves.
Buddha’s Blend - Enjoy a zen melange of jasmine pearls, hibiscus blossoms and white and green tea.
The Buzz - This stimulating blend of ginger, matcha, maté, guarana and citrus will have you buzzing in no time.


Are you getting thirsty? Do you need to feel more warm and relaxed? See our entire DAVIDsTEA collection here.

Don’t see your favourite DAVIDsTEA product? Leave a comment and let us know what’s on your wish list.

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