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Why your coffee machine needs filtered water

Why your coffee machine needs filtered water

Having filtered drinking water is one thing--and it’s a great thing. But it isn’t just thirsty people and potable tap water that benefit from end-user filtration. If you have a coffee machine at the home or office that uses a water line to pull H2O from the municipal pipe system, you may run into the following problems:

  • Scaling and mineral buildup, which can cause premature wear and leaks
  • Clogging and slower brewing, also from mineral buildup (common in hard water regions like Calgary, but also possible in Vancouver)
  • Difficulty reaching optimal brewing temperatures
  • Bad tasting water from chlorine and contaminants (which can result in bad tasting coffee)

We often focus on trying to find the best tasting coffee, but since a hot brew is usually around 99% water, the latter is just as important as those delicious beans. While de-scaling a coffee machine regularly is a good idea, an espresso machine needs much more attention when it comes to mineral buildup. For any type of machine, lack of maintenance in any case can result in expensive repairs and replacement parts.

Most coffee machines don’t come with a good filter that eliminates undesirables from water before it brews the coffee, but even those that do need to be carefully maintained and regularly replaced.

Using an under-sink filtration system and hooking it up to your coffee machine will give you better tasting beverages, cause less wear and tear on the equipment, and require you to clean the machine less often. A filter will also remove contaminants like bacteria and cysts. Health Canada suggests your filter be changed every 12 months, or more if needed.

The filtered water is easily hooked up to a coffee machine--the same way we’d connect it to a water cooler. Your machine can sit anywhere in the kitchen and doesn’t need to be in close proximity to the water source.

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To read more about tap water’s effect on coffee, check out this article:

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