WA-2! Bringing Coffee, Water Filtration Services to Western Canada

You want to keep your team or family happy, healthy, and productive. So do we.

Launched in 2001 by Glenn Bailey - founder of Canadian Springs Bottled Water Company - WA-2! brings premium coffee, water filtration services, tea and kitchen supplies to businesses and homes around Western Canada. Every day, we make more than 1 million people in BC and Alberta smile a little bigger.

Whether you’re an international corporation, local business or busy household, we treat you like family. Our dedicated Client Services Team provides immediate service (we like talking to real people, too), and our 24/7 Technical Support team can help you around the clock.

WA-2! is based in Vancouver, BC, Victoria, BC and Calgary, AB - but our vehicles are always on the road. Don’t forget to wave if you see us!

Great Taste and Great Service!

We love our customers and aim to provide them with the best experience possible. Great Taste and Great Service is our promise to everyone we come in contact with throughout the day; we want to make your experience great, and leave you with a smile on your face!

Great taste means…..
  1. Our coffee is roasted locally and delivered fresh
  2. Our water is filtered chlorine free
  3. Our water is filtered removing up to 99.9% of other contaminants
    Great service means…..
    1. Our people are always on time, uniformed and professional
    2. Our people are committed to providing solutions that work
    3. Our people smile, because they truly love what they do