WA-2! Western Canada's Leading Home Water Filtration System

Why a Home Water filtration unit?

Sometimes, even the best water in Western Canada can taste weird, or contain some weird stuff. Water has to travel a long way from source to sink, and there are hundreds of opportunities for contamination along the way. Turbidity and sediment changes can affect reservoirs, and rust and mineral buildup can affect pipes in or near your home.

Our signature under the sink home water filtration system is the WA-2! H Series, which uses our eco-friendly filters. The activated carbon reduces chlorine taste, odours, and other contaminants (including asbestos fibers, cryptosporidium, and giardia cysts). The sanitary filter will catch and retain particles as small as 0.5 microns in size, and keep them away from human contact.

Considering how quick it is to install an under the sink water filtration unit - and how easy it is to maintain - keeping your family safe is a no-brainer.

What can I expect?

When WA-2! installs a water filtration system in your home, you'll get:

  • A clean, elegant faucet on your countertop
  • Our industry leading filtration unit mounted under your sink (and out of sight)
  • All hosing and mounting attachments
  • Access to annual filter replacements ($59.95), plus an annual email reminder when it’s time to replace your filter

Will you send me a new filter when I need one?

Yes! We'll put you on our reminder schedule so you don't have to remember yourself. You will receive an email reminder when you’re due for a new filter, and we will ship a clean, new, ethical and eco-friendly one to your door.

Why not bottles? Why not Brita?

Water still flows through your pipes - it just goes through a full filtration treatment before it leaves the tap. Our system is better for the environment (no wasteful plastic bottles or gas spent picking up replacement filters), better on your back (refilling coolers isn’t fun), and easier on the wallet (fewer replacements and no more bottle deposits).

Unlike filter pitchers, you won't have to clean ours by hand, or have it take up room in the fridge. Bottles and pitchers won't send you replacements or provide smiles - that’s what our team is for!

Order your home water filtration system and receive a complimentary installation.

Or call 1-877-689-4009 and ask how you can have your system installed this week!