Testimonials - WA-2!


We love our customers as much as they love us!

"The benefits of moving to a water purification system were noticed immediately. Beyond the obvious benefit of the environment, I no longer have to worry about the employees hurting themselves while having to change heavy bottles of water, and employees quite like the fact that they are able to access hot water on demand to make hot beverages. Finally, when I have had to call in to WA-2! For service, they have been very pleasant to deal with and quickly to respond."
-Tim, RBC

“In Victoria, they say our water is the cleanest around. It might be when it leaves the reservoir, but once it goes through the old pipes in my area it doesn’t taste very good and isn’t always clear. I love that with WA-2! I have no bottles, no cumbersome machines and an unlimited supply of fresh, filtered water in my kitchen. Andy has been there from the start and is incredibly efficient, polite and professional.”
-Karen, home water filtration client since 2005

“Not only am I passionate about making greener choices easy for people, but I am confident in recommending WA-2!. I find it very difficult to get consistently high quality products/services these days. WA-2! Is one of the few companies where I don’t hesitate to make a recommendation.”
-Jeanette, Telus